Robot is a commercial and personal photographer. Her expertise is a balance of composition and connection. Her fun-loving personality and non-intrusive presence drives her art and delivers a relaxed comfortable shooting experience that showcases your beauty and captures key moments with her unique style.

Wether you are an experienced model or tend to run from the camera, experiencing a shoot with Robot will elevate your photographic confidence because the camera mastery is shot with her "lens of love".

Services offered
Weddings, Parties, Events, Engagements, Couples, Head Shots, Executive Portraits, Lifestyle, Birthdays, Red Carpet, Beauty, Fashion, Boudoir, Nudes, Makeup, Candid, Animals, Family, Sports.


Established in 2011.

Professionally shooting events, weddings, portraits, head shots in Los Angeles and Orange County since 2010.

I started at the top when I got my first real photography job as a second shooter for Wind Productions-- they shoot million dollar weddings in LA. I worked for them for 3 years, when I quit, in June 2016, I legally changed my name to Robot and started freelancing.

I've been published in Amare Magazine, Tranzision magazine, and Runner's World Magazine. Many local news stations all across America showcased my photography in 2011 during "Anna Runs America for Veterans". I've been published in many beauty client's calendars, sold expensive prints, shot product photography... I am the official photographer for local rapper Vynz and the official photographer for the veterans car show HB every year. I volunteer my services in my community in many many ways.

I earn my living shooting events and portraits and I am very good and my profession.

I am madly in love with patterns, sacred geometry, enlightenment, rhythm, perspective and beauty that make up the fundamentals of composition. But what does all that even mean if there is no story? It's just a formula. The complete equation for my style of compositing is adding the element of the human soul. It's not about stealing the soul, it's about connecting it. That's a real story. That's why I shoot through a lens of love.

I am in love with the way light falls, being able to manipulate shadows and angles, and particularly finding angles that make my subjects look awesome. My favorite subject to shoot is people and that's why I love weddings so much-- because people are celebrating a couple in love. So much love and everyone looking their best at an event where two families merge. I've shot almost 100 weddings and each wedding has its unique spontaneity to capture. Each wedding gets better than the last. I get the satisfaction of turning moments in to treasures.


Robot, Photo/Video

Shoots on a 5dii, 24-70 2.8, 75-300 5.6, 580EX Speedlite, and a GoPro Black Edition. 

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